About human communication and socio-technical interfaces.

The text was published in “Signale der Störung, A. Kümmel, E. Schüttpelz (Eds.), Wilhelm Fink Verlag, 2003”.
It is speculating about the control of technical systems beyond common user interfaces. What if a system offers its own kernel for manipulation?


For any decent engineer it seems to be a nightmare if users were allowed to change the inner structure of technical systems. But do systems in nature also show the same inaccessabibility? Nature somehow seems to manage better. But the paper does in fact to a lesser extend deal with the modeling of systems that are able to change their identity by its usage, but more with communication models. In a first step it might help to disclose the difference between technical and human communication. Strawberries are a an unusal fruit, they carry their kernel outwardly. Can that somehow be a model for future technical systems?

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