Georg Trogemann, Christian Faubel, Clemens Kujawski

Grundlagenseminar im SS 2013.
Mittwochs, 16 – 18 Uhr
Filzengraben 8 – 10, Lab3

Essential part of the seminar, beside several theoretical lectures about networks, was the assembly of 5 walking machines. The hexapod spider was developed in parallel to the seminar. The goal was to get a cheap and freely programmable walker that only needs 2 motors for controlling the complex movement of a six legged walker. One motor controls the direction of the walker, the second the movement of the legs. Christian Faubel did the arduino programming on basis of our lab3 shield. The development of the mechanics (which was partly inverse engineering of a toy spider), the 2D and 3D modeling for the laser cutter and the 3D Printer was done by David Hahlbrock and me. Equipped with several ultrasonic senors the spiders were able to »see« their environment and react to obstacles.

The aim for the seminar was to understand networks in a very material sense. We were able to show that complex behavior of a group of spiders emerges from very simple reaction patterns of the single spider. The network of spiders seemed cooperate and behave in complex ways. The spiders were also part of the lab3 exhibition during the open days of the KHM in July 2013 were they have been walking around at the campus interacting with the visitors. Later on Johanna Faber developed the project »Die Alvedaranen« (2014) on basis of the 5 spiders.


Die Alvedaranen, Johanna Faber 2014

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