Subtitle:The History of Computer Devices and Information Technology revealed. Here you can download the introduction to the book.

ARIFMOMETR1 – An Archaeology of Computing in Russia.

© 2001 By Georg Trogemann, Alexander Nitussov, and Wolfgang Ernst.


The genealogy of the computer and computing sciences as associated with names such as Charles Babbage, Alan Turing, Norbert Wiener, Heinz v. Foerster, Claude Shannon and John v. Neumann has been the object of an impressive number of mediaarchaeological publications in the German-speaking and Anglo-American areas, but in general the historiography of computing is – even a decennium after the fall of the Iron Curtain – still blind in respect to Eastern Europe. This is why the combined research and publication project Arifmometr, carried out by the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne in co-operation with institutions in the former Soviet Union, tries to evaluate the role which Russia played in contributing to the development of the medium computer in complementary or alternative ways on both technical and cultural horizons. Furthermore, in reconstructing the Russian case, emphasis has been put on the relationship between mathematical and cybernetic thinking on the one hand, and social, economical and political
models on the other.

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