Seminar by Georg Trogemann and Lasse Scherffig. Combined with a workshop that was held in Motovun, Croatia in cooperation with Bauhaus University Weimar, Ursula Damm during the summerterm 2009. On our way to Croatia we took the chance and visited for two days the Biennale in Venedig. (Our first practial application of »chance«.)

SS 09, Workshop from June 11 – 20 in Motovun, Croatia.
The place was actually more like a camp than a proper accommodation. It turned out that we were to many people for this small house and that the working possibilities were quite restricted. Thus it became a very theoretical seminar. But we had numerous fertile discussions and a great exchange with the students from Weimar. At night Lasse did some exciting satellite watching experiments.


Motovun, Croatia

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