Georg Trogemann, Lasse Scherffig.

Seminar, workshop and exhibition during the summer term 2008. The workshop took place from 19. – 25. Mai 2008 in Senones, France. There we met up with the class of Prof. Ursula Damm from the Bauhaus University Weimar. The results of the workshop were shown during the open days of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne in July 2008 (see slide show above).

The regular seminar lasting from April to July 2008 served as a basis for the workshop in France and the finishing of the works. For some theoretical input we had also two guest lectures: Prof. Dr. Erich Hörl was speaking about »Die technologische Sinnverschiebung« on the 18. of June. Dr. Klaus Fritze was talking on the 23. of April 2008 about »Medienpflanzen«, his temporary laboratories and his attempts of categorising artefacts.


The shop floor in Senones
The courtyard in Senones
==Asche, Christoph Kilian
Through the wire of a broken pulp flows current which warms it up. Moving people in the room cause changes in the temperature of the air. These fluctuations are measured and used to control fans that are distributed all over the place. So the dialog between moving people forms a permanently changing landscape. (During the exhibition the dusk instantly caused a fire alarm and had to be switched off.)
Mobile Parasite, Anselm Bauer
Parasites are machines that use and transform kinetic engergy that exists in our everyday technical environment into abstract sound and light installations.
Sensobotanics, Thomas Hawranke
A plant plays a first person shooter. The virtual light, displayed by the monitor, is transferred to the light environment in the room and stimulates the plant. The botanical reactions are then sent back to the controlling of the first person shooter. This describes a feedback loop. Game real-time and botanic real-time are adjusted by time expansion and time compression. Both spaces melt into each other and delocalize.
Sensobotanics, Thomas Hawranke
Daily Object Creatures, Keiko Takahashi
The main idea is to combine functions of objects with organic movements or human behaviors. As a result physical objects look as alive as animals or insects. »Meter Crawler« is a normal steel measure that crawls like a snail. It combines the movement of measuring and the moving of snails.
Daily Object Creatures, Keiko Takahashi
Oh!m1gas, Kuaishen Auson
0h!m1gas is a biomimetic stridulation environment, based upon the activity of an ant colony, that turns the ants into DJs and creates a sound reactive space that attempts to find analogies and differences between scratching as an aesthetical expression of human culture and the stridulation phenomena within ants as a communication method.
Oh!m1gas, Kuaishen Auson
Obstradio, Ji Hyun Park
What is a signal? How strong is it after it went trough different objects and how it is changed by them. How can I manipulate it by playing with the objects?
Obstradio, Ji Hyun Park
E-Parrot, Jae Sub Lim
A microphone is listing for voices. Since it can self-controlled move in 3 axes, it tries to come as close as possible to the source of noise and starts repeating it like a parrot.
Electric Tree, Jong-Wong Choi
Laser Air Guitar, Dino Korati
Several lasers installed in a room are catching sounds out of the air. You are reaching for strings in a dark room – a kind of “air-guitar”. A laser is projecting beams and with help of a hazer they become visuable. If you try to grap a “light-string” with your hand you are able to hear a sound with help of sensores.

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