Architures for Humans, Animals and Machines.

Held by Georg Trogemann and Lasse Scherffig. Combined with a workshop in Montepulciano, Tusany, Italy from 3. – 10. June 2012, were we met up with the class of Ursula Damm from Bauhaus-University Weimar.

The seminar examined spaces as spaces for action, that are created by the interconnection of external architecture, physiological or technological perceptive systems and individual action patterns. Part of the seminar consisted in a workshop in Montepulciano, Italy conducted together with Bauhaus-University Weimar.


Pienza in Italy, Church at Piazza Pio II
Montepulciano Italy, Piazza Grande
It's a long way to Montepulciano
We went there with our KHM-Bus. That's what the navigation device showed us when we started in Montepulciano: 1195 km to Cologne.

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